Interpreting Home Pregnancy Tests - HPT's

Author: Amanda  

Make sure you're interpreting you pregnancy tests results correctly.

So you think you can see two lines on your pregnancy test.... Emotions kick in, excitement, confusion, nervousness and definitely doubt.

Obviously a blazing test line is a pretty easy interpretation, but sometimes that line is so faint we don't really know if it's there or we're just wanting it to be there.

Below I've put together a table showing various results. The test images are nice and large so it's clear and easy to see the different bands.

Here's how to accurately interpret pregnancy tests:

C = Control Band - Indicates that test has absorbed enough urine to provide a result

T = Test Band - Indicates if the pregnancy hormone hCG is present.

No indication of a line in the test band area.

An extremely faint line visable.

Faint but definitely there.

Clearly obvious test line.

Very strong positive here.


As far as I'm concerned, if the line is visable without having to squint, hold it up in light, photoshop it or manipulate it any other way, then it's a positive result.

A test line only colours up when hCG is detected in your urine, so if you're seeing it clearly, consider yourself pregnant.

Remember a few things when testing:

  • Use first morning urine so hCG levels will be concentrated
  • Don't interpret results after the manufacturers time guide (usually 10 mins)
  • If you're unsure about the result, test again the next morning

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